safetygeeks enable you to deliver the event you want to create. +44 1223 750 274 are rightfully proud of their recent work on Time Fracture.

Working with our long-term clients Gary Beestone Events & Theatre we have provided COVID19 Monitoring and Rapid lateral Flow testing for the Immersive Everywhere upcoming theatrical event from the BBC’s Doctor Who universe.

As the construction phase of this project comes to an end we look back on the provision of a bespoke registering system of all staff and contractors aligning with the government’s Test/Track/Trace portal.

Using trained staff and the Rapid Lateral Flow tests based around a saliva sample (non-invasive swabbing), testgeeks have been instrumental in keeping the construction site moving throughout the latest period of lockdown.

Not only has this ensured a large number of event professionals could start and continue work, we’ve given our staff contracts for a number of weeks too.

By enabling all site visitors to pre-register their health declaration and Track/Trace details we’ve also minimised the delay at the site access which ahs been universally appreciated by promoters and staff alike.

We can’t tell you anything about the content – we could, but we’d need to exterminate you – however it looks and sounds like its going to be the “must-have” ticket for 2021.

Massive thanks to Immersive Everywhere and Gary Beestone Events & Theatre for the contract and here’s to getting events back to work!



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Our Covid-19 Supervisors are fully accredited for film and TV production, construction sites and venue management.​

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We provide rapid lateral flow antigen testing for film studios, location shoots, construction sites, creative workshops and business meetings and events.

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