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COVID-19 Risk Assessments

We offer up to date guidance on Covid-19 requirements for events, venues and more…

We Make Events Happen

From complex event management plans to licensing applications and RAMS, safetygeeks cover all aspects of pre-event documentation and communication with relevant stakeholders.​

Onsite Support & Advice

safetygeeks work with your production team and contractor crews to provide on the ground support for build, live event and derig stages of your event or installation; including Covid-19 supervision.

Everything Is An Event

With over 30 years experience, safetygeeks have worked on events of all sizes, from local community events to national and worldwide televised  performances – everything from circus shows to corporate exhibitions and outdoor spectaculars.

Our Mission

To provide a second-to-none service to our clients and to support them with our expertise.  To continue raising the standards of Health & Safety throughout the Events and Entertainment Industries.

Don't Say No - Say How...

The most imaginative creative ideas and plans can happen safely.​ Safetygeeks will lead you through the red tape and provide informed and detailed documents for your most creative ideas.  Every time we think we’ve seen it all, our clients surprise us!

Safety Advice & Event Management Solutions

– Our Services –

safetygeeks provide a whole range of strategic and operational safety and documentation services for the events and entertainments industries.

We offer up to date guidance on Covid-19 risk assessments for events, weddings, civil partnerships, venues and more..

From inception to load-out – and EVERYTHING inbetween. Our fully accredited team of expert safety advisors have an extensive and up to date knowledge base

safetygeeks enable you to deliver the event you want to create. Don’t say no – say how.

event document service

Documentation Service

Safetygeeks produces documentation for every aspect of the Event and Entertainment Industry; from inception, to workshop, to build, to live, to load-out. ​

This includes licensing applications and event management plans with associated policies, risk assessments, method statements and crowd management plans.​

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event management

Health & Safety Advice

Safetygeeks will guide you through legal requirements and provide clear up-to-date information and documentation to enable you and your teams to comply with safety regulations and licensing conditions.​

Safetygeeks can provide pre-event induction and information as well as on-site advice and supervision for your teams to be able to safely complete their tasks within the work environment. This also includes Covid-19 controls.​

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event management

Event Management

Safetygeeks provide professional safety advice, documentation and management solutions. We excel in communication with all key stakeholders.

Safetygeeks has over 30 years of experience and involvement with everything from local community events, large scale parades, indoor and outdoor circus shows, complex multiday corporate exhibitions and outdoor festivals and spectaculars to location shoots and huge interactive installations.

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covid risk assessment

COVID-19 Risk Assessments

We offer up to date guidance on Covid-19 requirements for events, weddings, civil partnerships, venues and more..

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safetygeeks events

Our Clients

Some of the great clients and companies safetygeeks have worked with.

boomtown health and safety


From the beginning, safetygeeks has provided Boomtown with licensing advice, support, a huge safety team and a flexible attitude.

safetygeeks has organised the build and live event of this wonderful festival which is at the forefront of immersive creativity.

Entering our 13th year together in 2021 – Boom!

London New Year's Day Parade

safetygeeks continue their involvement in the management of this well-established event, providing a keen eye on safety, assistance with the parade and event control management for smooth running on the day.​

With over 10,000 participants from the USA, UK, Europe and beyond to delight the street audience of over 500,000 and the TV audience, ( which reached more than 300,000,000 worldwide in 2020! )

safetygeeks provide year-round support and advice throughout the planning stages and onsite support with a safetygeeks team on the day.

English Heritage Stonehenge Solstice Celebrations

Nearly 20 years involvement in managing the safety for this twice yearly, managed open access event. We work with partners and interest groups to provide a safe, secular and sacred environment for celebrants and visitors.​

At its peak of 35,000 visitors this is a worldwide event. Over the years safetygeeks has gradually grown to take on all aspects of the event from infrastructure procurement to plans and caterers.

underbelly events


safetygeeks provides documentation, advice and onsite support for several of Underbelly’s largest shows all over the UK. From the one-day spectacular to large scale shows and events that run for several weeks.

safetygeeks also spend a good deal of our time with the Underbelly crew preparing Edinburgh’s Christmas, Hogmanay and Light Night event each year as well as their London event spaces and markets.​

Working closely with the Underbelly team, safetygeeks provides documentation, safety advice during build, live event and derig as well as event control for several different events from West End Live in Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square Christmas.

silverstone woodlands

Silverstone Woodlands

safetygeeks provides safety advice and event control management to the 15,000 fans camping and entertainment space for their MotoGP and F1 celebration events each year.

safetygeeks continue to provide training, safety advice and onsite support to Woodlands – the closest campsite to Silverstone Racetrack.

Great fun to work on and good people to be with. A fantastic experience all round.

Hawthorn – Technical Event Production Specialists

safetygeeks works on two of their largest events to provide safety advice in advance and on site, as well as documents and induction systems that means safety is everybody’s business.

Hawthorn bring spectacular ideas to the table and safetygeeks helps them make it happen. Every time we think we have seen it all – they surprise us! Two of our favourite shows, BBC Studios Showcase and Adobe EMEA Summit, are spent working with the Hawthorn team. Looking forward to joining them again in the coming year!​

Another highly successful collaboration. Two incredible events we are happy to have in our portfolio.

What Our Clients Say

“Up to date on all legislation safetygeeks have been at the forefront of the event industry returning to full production since March 2020, with positive actions to prove the hospitality industry can produce COVID safe events onsite, controlled and guided.”

Gareth Hawke

Director, Perception Live

 “Both for internal audits at our yard and office as well as on various job sites around the UK I have found the safetygeeks team knowledgeable, approachable and above all practical in all aspects with regards to health and safety in the working environment. Health and Safety with a human approach!

David Noble, ,

Director, Midas UK

I have worked with Brian & his team on numerous projects over the years. The projects have varied from large scale public events to smaller corporate and public sector events. On every project and throughout the process from pre-production through to delivery & post event analysis, safetygeeks have provided a professional, courteous approach. They have shown pragmatism, adaptability and importantly humour often in the face of adversity. I highly recommend & will continue to contract their services for all projects whatever the scale or challenges

Garin Wilby

Production Director, London’s New Year Day Parade and Sherbet LTD.

 “I’ve worked with Brian and safetygeeks for 2 decades. They are very supportive, never saying no to your ideas, but asking how. They help make things possible, keep sites safe and ensure best practice.

With a safetygeek on site we can worry about producing a great show knowing the team are looked after and consumers safe from harm.

Chris Baylis

Director, BrewUK/BrewLDN